Meet the Owner

Dallas Monroe


Dallas Monroe worked at Microsoft in the Premier Support Division for many years.

His expertise resided in the e-mail division with a keynote on Outlook. The Microsoft Premier Support Division assisted Fortune 500 companies around the world.

When the Fortune 500 company’s personnel could not resolve their issues, they called on the Premier Support Division at Microsoft.

After Dallas resigned from his position at Microsoft in 1999, he began to build his own support company, which is still thriving today.

Shortly after, Dallas acquired a Microsoft Certification as a Small Business Specialist. Wouldn't you prefer this kind of experience supporting your company?

Office Manager

Carrie Cantrell

Carrie Cantrell, a former small business owner, began her career at Dallas Computer Solutions in 2016.

Carrie manages the office and is the bookkeeper for the company.

She enjoys periodically going onsite to meet with customers and having the opportunity to learn more about the computer business.

Plain Good Sense

Don't let the latest technology make you feel like the information superhighway is only for marathon runners. Instead, let our certified consultants make your IT expectations a reality.

Start by making a smart investment with Dallas Computer Solutions; a group who knows networking systems, and most important, proactively monitors and maintains your equipment.

Productive Partnerships

It's important for us to discuss and determine what your goals and expectations are. Communicating and having the same objectives will help ensure a successful, lasting partnership. This is what smart business is all about, PARTNERSHIPS. At Dallas Computer Solutions, we spend a significant amount of time listening to you, what your mission is, and thoughts on how you envision your objectives being accomplished. We carefully evaluate where you're planning to go, and how to get there by the most efficient means.

“Computer Ergonomics”

We coined the term Computer Ergonomics, which for Dallas Computer Solutions means optimizing the human body to interact effectively with their computer and networking equipment, in the most efficient, stress-free manner.

We can move your entire sales infrastructure to a wide area network (WAN) or a remote Email configuration, along with integrating any hardware-specific needs.

  • Reduce Muscle Tension
  • Hands on Training
  • Improved Efficiency